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How to Download Lees Bingo in Minutes - A Simple Guide

Lee's Bingo software has just about everything you needed to get you started in the great game of bingo. Bingo calling, ticket printing and ticket checking in one easy to use software package.

This product is a bingo flashboard with automatic voice caller that you can use in conjunction with a computer and projector. The bingo software displays pattern information on screen along with other important information of your choosing.

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This software allows you to create and print thousands of custom bingo cards. You can add pictures or text to your cards or use pictures or text in instead of numbers. The software can print a master bingo sheet and has a built in number generator.

The 6.0 version of Lee's Bingo is available as a free download on our website. The most frequent installer filenames for the software are: Lees Bingo.exe, LeesBingo502.exe, LeesBingo503.exe, LeesBingo504.exe and LeesBingo505.exe etc. The program is included in Games.

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The following versions: 6.0 and 1.0 were the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. The software is sometimes referred to as "Lees Bingo", "Lees Bingo V.5.0.3", "Lees Bingo V.5.0.2". The actual developer of the software is Lees Bingo. Lee's Bingo was developed to work on Windows XP or Windows 7 and can function on 32-bit systems.

3 Restrictions This software is unlicensed and it has not been tested for compliance with any bingo rules, regulations or laws. Do not use this software if licensed and/or regulated software is required in your part of the world. What is Lee's Bingo? Lee s Bingo is a bingo caller, ticket printer and ticket checker which can be used to play three different types of bingo. The three types of bingo are Regular, Backward and Quick. Regular bingo is played with tickets that are 9 squares wide by 3 squares high and each ticket contains 15 random numbers in the range The first player/players to mark all numbers in the winning pattern is the winner. Backward bingo uses the same kind of tickets as regular bingo but is played differently. Each player is given only 1 ticket and the numbers are called as usual. If the called number appears on any players ticket they are out of the game. The winner is the last person remaining who has a clean ticket. This game is also known as Irish or Stand-up bingo (where everyone stands up at the beginning of the game. Eliminated players sit down so the winner is the last person standing ). Quick bingo is played with tickets that are 4 squares wide by 4 squares high, each ticket has 16 random numbers in the range 1-80 and each column is a different colour. The first player/players to mark all numbers in the winning pattern is the winner. Multiple winners: I m often asked if it s possible for more than one person to win at the same time when playing Lee s Bingo. Bingo (not just Lee s Bingo) is a game of chance played by drawing random numbers so there's always the possibility that bingo could be claimed by more than one person simultaneously. Requirements This software is designed to be used with Windows 7 or newer. No other operating systems are supported. A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 is recommended (at default 96 DPI). The software can be used with a vertical resolution as low as 600 (such as Netbooks) but it s not recommended to run in a window at low resolutions. A colour printer is required to print the tickets. 3

4 Contact, Questions, Reporting Bugs etc. If you still have questions after reading this guide or find a bug in the software you can contact me using the form on the website. When reporting bugs and problems it s very important to include as much information as possible error messages, screen-shots if necessary, description of the problem, steps needed to duplicate the problem etc. Please also send the SystemInfo.txt file which you can find in the Lees Bingo directory. This gives extra information about the settings you're using for the software which may help in locating the problem. Files and Folders The first time the software is run a Lees Bingo folder will be created in the root of the drive where you installed the software. The folder will contain Bingo Lingo.txt and SystemInfo.txt files and the following folders: Cache, Images, Layouts, Logs, Session Manager Data, User Ticket Batch Files, User Ticket Data and Voices. The Bingo Lingo.txt file contains all the text that's displayed when you have the bingo lingo shown on screen (such as Two Little Ducks) and can be edited using any text editor - Notepad for example (see Editing the Bingo Lingo.txt file). The SystemInfo.txt file contains a copy of all the settings you're using for the software - please send a copy of this file if you submit a bug report. The Cache folder will store data about the last session that was being played. This is used if you need to rescue the last session. Do not edit this file. The Images folder is where your background images are stored. Background images can be printed on your tickets (see Background Images) The Layouts folder stores the data for any custom layouts that you create (see Layouts). The Logs folder stores data (in.csv format) about all the games that have been played. These can be viewed in a spreadsheet program. The Session Manager Data folder is where any session data will be saved (see Session Manager) The User Ticket Batch Files folder is where your ticket batch printing files are saved (see Batch Printing). The User Ticket Data folder is where the data for any tickets that you have entered yourself will be stored (see Enter Custom Tickets). The Voices folder is where all your voice files will be stored (see Voice Recorder). It might be wise to add the Lees Bingo folder to your regular backup schedule. Note: The Lees Bingo folder (usually on the C: drive) and it s contents will not be removed if the software is uninstalled so you must delete it manually. 4

5 Trial vs Registered Version The trial and registered versions have the following differences. The tickets printed by the trial version will have a registration reminder message printed on them. The registered version doesn t print this message. When the bingo is being called/played the trial version will pop-up a registration reminder message on the screen occasionally. The registered version doesn t display this message so you get uninterrupted play. Buttons and Keys Left mouse button: Used to click buttons and make selections etc. Can also be used to pause automatic calling by clicking anywhere on the background or clicking the current called number. Further presses will cause a new number to be drawn/called. Right mouse button: Used on the callers screen to change the colour of the background or flashboard, or to change the colours of text and numbers. Enter key: Can be used to click the button with the focus (a dotted line or a border around a button indicates the button with the focus). Space bar: Same as Enter key. Cursor keys: Used to navigate around the buttons. Tab key: Same as cursor keys. + and - keys: Used to adjust the calling speed. Number keys: Used for input of ticket serial numbers. S key: Used to toggle speech on or off. F1 key: Used to toggle the Tooltips on or off on the callers screen. 5

6 F4 key: Can be used to call a new number when playing bingo. F7 key: Used to toggle between the callers screen and the Session Manager so that the session manager can be edited while a session is in progress. Note: the calling should be paused before switching to the session manager. When editing is complete press F7 again to return to the callers screen. F9 key: Used to toggle the visibility of the callers screen on all secondary displays. If you need to hide the secondary caller screens at any time you can do so with F9. Press again to make them visible. Ctrl + Shift + E Pressing these three buttons simultaneously will switch the bingo caller to Edit mode. See here for more information about editing a layout. 6

9 Game Setup Tab 1. Session Manager The session manager is where you setup your bingo sessions. You can save your sessions and reload them whenever you need them - this is ideal if you play a regular schedule. You can easily edit your sessions if you need to make any changes. Buttons Open a session This allows you to load a previously saved bingo session. If there's any data in the session manager you'll be prompted to save your work first. Save this session This allows you to save the data that's currently in the session manager. The button is disabled if the session manager is empty. Clear all Clicking this button will clear the session manager. If there's any data in the session manager you'll be prompted to save your work first. 9

10 Print game sheet This allows you to print a hard copy of the session currently displayed in the session manager. The button is disabled if the session manager is empty. You can also see a print preview of the game sheet. There are also options to print a game sheet with a QR code or to show the QR code on screen. These QR codes are only necessary if any of the players are using the Bingo Tickets 90 app. The QR codes allow the app. users to load the session data into their device. Scan barcodes This allows you to scan the barcodes printed on the tickets using either a webcam or a handheld scanner. This will populate the session manager for you (see barcodes). Rescue last session Clicking this button will reload the last session that was being played. This is especially useful if the game was stopped for any reason (computer crash or power failure etc.). You'll be shown the date and time of the data that can be used - please confirm that it s correct before proceeding. This will reset the session manager with the last known settings, the callers screen will appear and the called numbers will be reset to their last known state. Columns Game No. The game number is automatically filled in for you as you enter games into the session manager and cannot be edited by the user. Bingo Type Select from either Regular or Backward bingo (played with tickets that are 15 squares wide x 3 squares high) or Quick bingo (played with tickets that are 4 squares wide x 4 squares high). Game Types Select the type of game you want to play. The available game types will differ depending upon the bingo type selected. Ticket Colour If you have tickets with coloured borders then you can select them here. 15 colours are available. If you don t have a coloured border select White. The chosen colour will be displayed on the callers screen. Snowball Game & Max. Calls to Win Snowball Selecting Yes allows you to play Snowball games where there's a special bonus for getting a Full House within a certain amount of called numbers. Set the maximum amount of called numbers with the up/down buttons. This option only applies to the Full House part of a game. 10


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