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Sean Cody Guys Gone Wild |LINK|

Former Colts coach Jim Caldwell, to reporters in 2014: "That took a lot of guts in that particular game, in that particular situation, with that quarterback that we had on the other side. The ball bounced off one of our guys' face mask and bounced out of his hands again, then the pileup, and we ended up losing it. So it could have really gone either way. You got to credit him. It was a great call, they got it, and it certainly had a lot to do with the outcome of the game."

sean cody guys gone wild

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MMA fighter Dakota Cochrane, who will be featured in The Ultimate Fighter 15 on TV March 9, has been identified as gay porn actor "Danny" from the popular porn site, Sean Cody (that's him on the right in the photo, taken from where there are lots of much more revealing photos). We've long said that MMA is essentially gay porn for straight guys, so it's not really news that one of them may have actually done GAY! PORN!


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