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Melissa Rudy is a versatile copywriter with 12+ years of experience crafting persuasive, polished content for online, print, and mobile channels. Her specialties include content for websites, blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, newsletters, and more. She has a strong background in e-commerce, retail, and social media.

Toss Movies Online


For those who have seen the movie, there's a particular scene that stands out against all others. One we all come back to. And it's that of the coin toss in the gas station. For me, this scene perfectly distills what makes this movie a classic. It distills the movie down to the choices we make that bring us closer to life, or closer to death.

I love how well this sums up the movie. Age will take us closer to death than anything else, but every decision we make has inherent value. Even decisions that seem as small as a coin toss. This masterful scene sums up the movie's central thesis and shows us how the decisions we see other characters make will amplify their chances at death moving forward.

Everyday the children of the neighborhood known as "Tire Dié", in the city of Santa Fe, wait for the train to ask for money, shouting "Tire dié!" (toss me a dime!) to the passengers. Considered the first survey-on-film in Latin America.

Still, I got tired of holding the Gigabeat. So I propped it against a pillow to watch my movies in bed. The device also comes with cables to hook it up to your television, so you can watch on a bigger screen.

Founded in 2009, The Rumpus is one of the longest running independent online literary and culture magazines. Our mostly volunteer-run magazine strives to be a platform for risk-taking voices and writing that might not find a home elsewhere. We lift up new voices alongside those of more established writers readers already know and love.

LocationFree TV Channel surfing is so passé. The new way to watch TV? Take Sony's 7-in. or 12-in. LCD TV anywhere there's a hot spot, and it will let you play movies or shows from your home DVD player, TiVo or cable box over the Internet. $1,100 to $1,500

With the Academy Awards now over, Flyby caught up with Harvard's very own Oscar guru Ben Zauzmer '15. Zauzmer, who published data predicting the Oscar wins, used available data pertaining to the nominees to predict the likelihood they would go home with an Oscar. Zauzmer tells Flyby how the math matched up to the winning movies.

BZ: The ones that didn't work were the extremely close ones... those were all in single digit percentages, those were pretty much a toss up anyway. The other one was the Best Original Screenplay award.

BZ: Outside of the data, I think that a lot of the movies for me were all middle-of-the road. I don't think there was anything that truly stood out as one of the all time greats. [But] there was nothing that won that I felt didn't truly deserve to win.

In with the OldHome improvement usually means out with the old and in with the new. But sometimes the new can be old. Before you toss your old stuff into the landfill and head to the local big box store to buy new replacements, consider two alternatives. by Margaret Tearman continue reading...


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