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021kid Delivers a Stunning Performance on 60min (freestyle) - Stream or Download Now

021kid 60 min download: How to enjoy the hottest freestyle rap of the year

If you are a fan of rap music, you have probably heard of 021kid, the Iranian rapper who has been making waves in the rap scene with his freestyle rap, 60min (freestyle). This rap is a remarkable feat of creativity, skill, and endurance, as 021kid raps non-stop for an hour over a trap beat. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about 021kid, his freestyle rap, and how to download and stream it in high quality.

Who is 021kid and why is he making waves in the rap scene?

021kid is a rapper from Tehran, Iran, who has been rapping since he was 15 years old. He is part of the Drillfarsi collective, a group of Iranian rappers who make music inspired by the UK drill genre. Drillfarsi is a subgenre of rap that combines hard-hitting beats, aggressive lyrics, and Persian slang. It is a form of expression for the young generation of Iranians who face social and political challenges in their country.

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The story behind 021kid and his rise to fame

021kid started rapping as a hobby, but soon realized that he had a talent for it. He began uploading his songs on SoundCloud, where he gained a loyal fanbase. He also collaborated with other Drillfarsi artists, such as Kosfinger, Lil Parsa, and Amir Lukky. His breakthrough came in March 2022, when he released his freestyle rap, 60min (freestyle), which went viral on social media. The rap was praised for its originality, complexity, and authenticity. It also attracted attention from international media outlets, such as New Scientist, The Sun , and Yahoo News. Since then, 021kid has become one of the most popular and influential rappers in Iran and beyond.

The style and influences of 021kid's music

021kid's music is characterized by his fast-paced flow, witty wordplay, and catchy hooks. He raps in Persian, but also incorporates English words and phrases. He covers topics such as street life, love, money, drugs, politics, and religion. He also references Persian culture, history, and literature. Some of his influences include Eminem, Drake, Pop Smoke, Stormzy, Behzad Leito, Zedbazi, and Hichkas.

The impact and reception of 021kid's freestyle rap

021kid's freestyle rap has had a huge impact on the rap scene in Iran and abroad. It has inspired many other rappers to try their own freestyle raps. It has also raised awareness about the Drillfarsi genre and the Iranian rap culture. It has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike. It has been streamed over 900K times on SoundCloud and downloaded over 10K times on Qobuz . It has also been featured on various playlists, podcasts, radio shows, and blogs. What is 60min (freestyle) and why is it a must-listen for rap fans?

60min (freestyle) is a rap song by 021kid that lasts for exactly one hour. It is a freestyle rap, which means that 021kid improvised the lyrics on the spot, without any preparation or script. He rapped over a trap beat produced by Kosfinger, one of his Drillfarsi collaborators. The rap was recorded in one take, without any edits or cuts. It is a remarkable achievement that showcases 021kid's creativity, skill, and endurance.

The concept and production of 60min (freestyle)

The idea of 60min (freestyle) came from 021kid's desire to challenge himself and his fans. He wanted to do something that no one had done before in the rap scene. He also wanted to prove his versatility and stamina as a rapper. He chose the trap beat because he liked its energy and vibe. He also liked the fact that it was simple and repetitive, which gave him more freedom to experiment with his flow and lyrics. He recorded the rap in his home studio, with Kosfinger on the mixing board. He used a microphone, a laptop, and a pair of headphones. He did not use any notes or prompts. He just pressed play and started rapping.

The lyrics and themes of 60min (freestyle)

The lyrics of 60min (freestyle) are diverse and dynamic. 021kid raps about various topics, such as his life story, his rap career, his opinions, his emotions, his dreams, his goals, his challenges, his rivals, his friends, his family, his fans, and his haters. He also raps about current events, such as the coronavirus pandemic, the US-Iran relations, the Iranian protests, and the rap scene in Iran and abroad. He uses different styles and techniques, such as storytelling, bragging, dissing, praising, joking, rhyming, wordplay, metaphors, similes, allusions, references, and slang. He switches between different moods and tones, such as confident, angry, sad, happy, sarcastic, humorous, serious, and playful. He also changes his pace and rhythm, from slow to fast, from smooth to choppy, from calm to intense.

The highlights and challenges of 60min (freestyle)

60min (freestyle) is full of highlights and challenges. Some of the highlights include: - The opening line: "I'm about to rap for an hour straight / No breaks / No mistakes / No fakes / Just me and this beat / Let's go" - The shout-outs to other rappers: "Shout out to Eminem / The rap god / The legend / The inspiration / Shout out to Drake / The hitmaker / The trendsetter / The innovator / Shout out to Pop Smoke / The king of drill / The voice of the streets / Rest in peace" - The references to Persian culture: "I'm like Rostam / The hero of Shahnameh / I slay dragons / I save nations / I'm like Hafez / The poet of love / I write verses / I touch hearts" - The personal stories: "I remember when I was a kid / I had nothing but a dream / I used to rap in my room / With a broken mic and a cheap speaker / I remember when I was a teen / I had nothing but a passion / I used to rap in the streets / With my friends and a boombox" - The social commentary: "I rap about the reality / The pain and the struggle / The injustice and the corruption / The oppression and the repression / I rap for the people / The youth and the voiceless / The poor and the hopeless / The brave and the fearless" Some of the challenges include: - The technical difficulties: "Sorry for the glitch / My laptop is acting up / It's old and slow / I need a new one" - The mental fatigue: "I'm getting tired / My brain is running out of ideas / I need some water / I need some coffee" - The physical exhaustion: "I'm getting sweaty / My mouth is getting dry / I need some air / I need some rest" - The distractions: "Sorry for the noise / My phone is ringing non-stop / It's my mom / She's worried about me" - The mistakes: "Oops I messed up / I forgot what I was going to say / I repeated myself / I lost my flow" How to download and stream 60min (freestyle) in high quality?

If you want to enjoy 021kid's freestyle rap to the fullest, you need to download and stream it in high quality. High quality audio means that the sound is clear, crisp, and detailed, without any distortion, noise, or compression. High quality audio also preserves the original dynamics, frequencies, and nuances of the rap, which can enhance your listening experience and appreciation. In this section, we will show you the benefits of downloading and streaming 60min (freestyle) in high quality, the platforms and services that offer it, and the steps and tips to do it.

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The benefits of downloading and streaming 60min (freestyle) in high quality

Downloading and streaming 60min (freestyle) in high quality has many benefits, such as: - You can hear every word, rhyme, and punchline that 021kid delivers, without missing any details or subtleties. - You can feel the energy, emotion, and intensity of 021kid's performance, without losing any impact or expression. - You can appreciate the production, mixing, and mastering of the rap, without compromising any quality or clarity. - You can support 021kid and his music, by showing him that you care about his art and his effort. - You can have a better and more enjoyable listening experience, by immersing yourself in the rap and its message.

The platforms and services that offer 60min (freestyle) in high quality

There are many platforms and services that offer 60min (freestyle) in high quality, but not all of them are equal. Some of them have higher bitrates, formats, and resolutions than others. Some of them are free, while others require a subscription or a payment. Some of them are legal, while others are illegal. Here are some of the best options that we recommend: