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Maksim Turov
Maksim Turov

Anti Ban Paltalk

This program was made by H2k this is in no way part of the anti bounce program made by the Mexican cracker this is for all Paltalk vertions able 2 log on Paltalk severs with as Paltalk have not changed how there ban works but I have been told there working on it and there working on a new ban in the found on the downloads page there is 2 other files found in side pab.exe and ab1.exe pab is for any red admin ban the ab1 is for making Paltalk think its just been installed(you will lose your old name out off the list so remember the password) helpful for if you want to start all over again with a new name name I use it if I get a 519 just in case and the ab2 a seen below you must edit the code and press set then log on with a name that was not banned and you can go back in a room you were banned from.

Anti Ban Paltalk

Download Zip:


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