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The original BioShock is a truly revolutionary title, one that changed the way we look at the interactive medium and what we expect of a game. The following entry in the series goes even further, marrying the visceral thrills of the first two games with the rich narrative engine and sophisticated gameplay design of BioShock Infinite.

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The Bioshock Imitation game name comes from the game, the first aim is to search for a secret. The players want to find the BioShock universe Bioshock Infinite. This game gives you something, and the names of the story are all different. Mostly, the players want to look at the world in the underwater, because it is widely known.

The series was later revived in 2013 with the release of BioShock 2, which introduced a variety of gameplay changes and improved combat elements, and was followed by BioShock Infinite. Infinite was widely well-received; it was praised for its story, writing, and acting, as well as for its sweeping recreation of a lost piece of American history, the tensions that kept it segregated, and the rags-to-riches tale of its protagonist. The game's setting, a massive floating city known as Columbia, is one of the most detailed worlds created for a video game, and is now a tourist destination. Reviewers praised the game's setting and appeal, praising the game's use of immersion and magic realism over traditional video game elements.

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