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Our Origins

 Donna’s love for designing and creating started at a young age. As a young girl, she would ask for craft items instead of toys so she could create things for gifts.  Her love for designing and creating takes her projects to a different level.  Striving to deliver a design that is not only unique, but specially created with the recipient in mind.  She is known for her floral designs, wreath designs, garden people/scarecrows, wedding designs and trash-to-treasure projects.

Christmas Designs:  In 1985, Donna began designing traditional Christmas wreaths as a hobby using fresh Eastern Red Cedar and selling to family and friends. In 1998, Donna branched out and began selling her wreaths at the local farmer’s market.  From there, her wreath business blossomed from the plain cedar wreath to designer wreaths, centerpieces, and swags all custom made to her individual customer’s wishes. 

Garden People/Scarecrows:  In 2014, Donna and her friend, Lori, were attending the NC State Fair.  As they meandered through the garden center exhibits, they came upon the scarecrow entries.  Donna, always thinking outside of the box, exclaimed to Lori…”We can do this!” The following year, Donna and Lori created their 1st place award winning entry and named her “Carolina.” Thus, the beginning of the Garden People/Scarecrow creations.  Each year a new “person” is created, and all entries have been award-winning.  Donna now designs garden people/scarecrows for sale. Each designed to include small details that reflect the recipient.  It is the special attention given to each unique detail that makes Donna’s garden people/scarecrows special and award winners. 

Floral Designs:  Donna’s love for flowers and a continuing education class in floral designing at the local community college started her journey down the designing path for floral arrangements.  After starting with silk/faux arrangement designs, Donna ventured into fresh flower designing while helping at the local florist.  From there, she added fresh flowers to her Christmas designs; started creating end of life tributes for family members and close friends; designed floral pieces for weddings; and added other floral designs for many occasions.  Again, while visiting the NC State Fair Garden Center and after entering a few scarecrows and silk wreath designs into competitions, Donna decided to enter the fresh flower arrangement competitions.  In true fashion, most of her designs have been award winners.  She has also taken home the coveted Designer’s Award, Petit Top Designer’s Award, and Miniature Top Designer’s Award.  Today, you will find Donna creating wedding bouquets, centerpieces, alter arrangements, trash-to-treasure home décor, and so much more.

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